About IIF

IIF – PROPERTY Insurance – The NatCat Challenge is a top level environment for re/insurance professionals and a platform for the exchange of business insights on essential issues of the re/insurance industry. The event is completely organized for and by professionals, ensuring the highest quality program in all aspects.

IIF  – PROPERTY Insurance – The NatCat Challenge is focused on a major topic – property insurance as a tool of preserving customers’ financial stability in the context of escalating occurrence and intensity of the weather catastrophic events -, taking into consideration both the future trends and the most relevant past experiences.

The 2017 Edition

Less than 30% of the total losses produced by Nat Cat events worldwide are insured losses. In Europe, although the overall situation seems to be better than in many parts of the world, recent examples show that there is still much to do in order to reach a proper coverage degree for the Nat Cat risks.

For example, only 61% of the losses caused by the 2016’s summer floods which affected the Central and Western Europe have been covered by insurance, while of the about EUR 20 billion economic losses recorded by Italy following the three earthquake sequences that have shaken the country in 2016 and the beginning of 2017, only less than 1% were covered by insurance.

In this context, IIF2017 – “PROPERTY Insurance – The NatCat Challenge” will focus on two major topics:

  • The most appropriate solutions to decrease the property insurance gap, considering the lessons learned from the latest European Nat Cat events
  • The role payed by the technological advance in both improving Nat Cat contracts’ underwriting and streamlining claims managementwill also hold a frontline position on the event’s agenda.

Top professionals representing the most relevant re/insurance entities, digital technologies providers, claims adjusters and risks modelling experts will share their experience during the conference.

Key benefits of attending

  • Find out what are the views of the most relevant players in the reinsurance industry with regard to the future of property insurance, especially on the Nat Cat side
  • Prepare for the changes that new technologies will bring in your business
  • Find out how different players have succeeded in improving underwriting and claims management of their property insurance business
  • Get in touch with the novelties offered by the information technologies’ progress
  • Find out about the most performant informatic tools for portfolio analysis and management streamline