As technology has become an important and essential part of the insurance business, as well as of every day’s life. Among all, the motor insurance sector is currently facing one of the most powerful waves of change in its history.

While more and more insurers are struggling  to take advantage of the significant benefits brought by the technological developments by improving the overall quality of the services, reducing cost and maximizing efficiency, they have also to cope with the inherent challenges brought by the technological innovation.

Using artificial intelligence, telematics (and other smart devices) and the blockchain technology should be accompanied by a cautious strategy, keeping in mind the legal aspect – present or in preparation for the near future. For example, the legal obligations introduced by GDPR, aimed at safeguarding the rights and freedoms of data subject, might interfere in the process of data collection, storage and use.

Besides, mostly in the emerging markets of the Central and South-Eastern Europe, the whole technological challenge should be approached while stilll dealing with the traditional issues of the motor insurance segment which often lead to poor profitability.

IIF 2018 – MOTOR INSURANCE – the innovation challenge is a top level environment for exchanging business insights on essential issues of the motor insurance industry, as well as an excelent meeting point with the latest trends in technological innovation. The event is completely organized for and by professionals, ensuring the highest quality program in all aspects.


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What we are offering

Latest developments in regulations and legal issues concerning motor insurance

  • Digital technologies supporting motor insurance
  • Prestigious keynote speakers
  • Focused round-table discussions
  • Debate panels

Key benefits of attending

  • Prepare for the technological reshape
  • Get in touch with the novelties offered by the information technologies’ progress
  • Find out about the last claims costs improving solutions
  • Share relevant experiences in fraud prevention and detection
  • Benefit from the successful motor insurers’ experience in improving customer satisfaction

Who should attend

  • CEOs, Board Members, Presidents, VPs
  • Head of motor, claims, anti fraud departments
  • Insurance specialists/ consultants
  • Loss adjusters and lawyers
  • Reinsurance and insurance companies
  • Brokers
  • IT companies and solutions providers