About IIF 2015

IIF 2015 – Motor insurance-the road towards profitability is a top level environment for re/insurance professionals and a platform for the exchange of business insights on essential issues of the re/insurance industry. The event is completely organized for and by professionals, ensuring the highest quality program in all aspects.

IIF 2015is focused on a major topic – profitability in motor insurance -, taking into consideration both the future trends and the most relevant past experiences. Keeping in mind the need to identify further growth opportunities for the industry, the Forum promotes ideas like bodily injury claims, motor insurance claims, and cross-border cooperation.

2015 Edition

Motor insurance-the road towards profitability
Motor insurance remains the main business line in most of the emerging markets. Despite the insufficient insurance literacy and low purchasing power which in many cases keep the regions’ citizens far from buying insurance products, motor insurance, compulsory ot not, is a “must” both in the family and corporate budgets of our days.

However, the part motor insurance played for decades was shaded in the recent years as high claims ratio and low profitability occurred. Ever-increasing repair costs, unprecedented bodily injury claims and growing insurance fraud became difficult to manage for insurers, thus threatening their profitability.

IIF 2015 will explore different approaches to balancing the technical results of the motor insurance lines: proper pricing, risks selection, claims costs optimization, efficient distribution.