MTPL tariffs calibration – a “life lasting” job for actuaries:

  • Tariffs liberalization: how to set the starting point in the calibration process that lead to a stable, liberalized market
  • Bodily injuries and the MTPL tariffs variation – how to set realistic future expectations  for the claims values
  • Telematics / Big Data – a significant difference in pricing?

Nat Cat insurance in the CEE from an actuarial perspective

  • Historical data and geomapping resources in the region: do actuaries have enough information to price nat cat risks?
  • Estimating nat cat risks in a changing climate environment
  • Microinsurance and parametric insurance for the CEE – the actuarial perspective

Life & health insurance and predictability:

  • actuarial issues in a volatile economic context – impact of the macroeconomic “movements” upon the life insurance business
  • Life & health insurance – a “behavioral” modeling field for actuaries?
  • Big Data: may the life & health insurance segment become a “lifestyle” modelled business?

Actuaries – a valuable industry resource to capitalize on

  • The actuary’s place between risks, management decisions – are actuarial skills enough put to works in the CEE insurance industry?
  • The talent hunting – where do find the CEE insurers the actuarial talents they need?