The Organizers

xprimmcom_TEXT NOUXPRIMM has become well-known in the last 15 years as an reliable information provider and specialty events producer in the re/insurance and private pensions sector, with a strong focus on the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe), SEE (Southern Eastern Europe), and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) markets.


The mother company of the XPRIMM Group, Media XPRIMM, began as the only Romanian press, public relations and events group specialized in insurance and private pensions industries.

Combining innovation and tradition, as well as anticipating future tendencies, XPRIMM has built an efficient aggregate of means of communication and information in and for the targeted markets.

Gradually, its activity expanded and today the XPRIMM Group is well-known on the CEE, SEE and CIS markets for its specialized publications and events. Thus, the Group acts, on the one hand, as a publishing house and media agency, and on the other hand, as a public relations company, as it is producing and organizing numerous specialty international events.


XPRIMM’s publishing activity focuses on two main pillars: printed magazines and online channels, both specialized in the insurance industry and launched under the umbrella brand XPRIMM Publications. These include:

  • basic statistical and factual information about over 30 markets of the CEE, SEE and CIS regions
    • com website – news, interview and statistical database
    • The bimonthly newsletter XPRIMM News, including the most relevant materials published on, sent to over 16,000 subscribers
    • XPRIMM Insurance Report – bi-annual statistical overview of the 32 markets of the CEE, SEE and CIS regions, also containing regional analysis and statistical data, both in pdf and hard copy issues
  • in depth country and line of business insurance reports, with annual or bi-annual release, both in pdf. and hard copy issues
    • MOTOR INSURANCE Report – annual report covering a wide variety of information regarding the motor insurance segment, seen both from a regional and country perspective; beside the specific insurance information, the report also provides details concerning related domains: car sales, statistical data concerning the national fleets, motor accident statistical data etc.
    • PROPERTY INSURANCE Report – annual report covering a wide variety of information regarding the property insurance segment (insurance of real estate properties and agricultural insurance), seen both from a regional and country perspective; beside the specific insurance information, the report also provides details concerning related domains, as real estate and agricultural statistical data, information about the country exposure to the main Cat risks, legal provisions etc.
    • Country Reports – in depth market analysis, containing beside the extended insurance statistical information, interviews with the most relevant market entities, analysis materials dedicated to various segments of the insurance market, listings of the market players etc. The current collection of titles includes the following country reports: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, and Romania. Occasional reports are also issued for the insurance markets of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Moldova etc.

International Events

The second main activity of Media XPRIMM focuses on creating and implementing concepts for specialized events. Thus, we organize many international events dedicated to the insurance industry:

  • FIAR – The International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum was organized, for the first time, in 1998 and, since then, it continued to grow and gather leaders and specialists activating on the reinsurance, banking, leasing, consultancy, audit and IT&C industries from Europe and beyond. The event takes place in Romania and includes 5 days of conferences, seminaries, bilateral meetings and networking.
  • ICAR – The International CAtastrophic Risks Forum is the main regional event that focuses on catastrophic risks – earthquakes, floods, storms, landslides etc.. It gathers all the major insurance and reinsurance players in the CEE, as well as, international brokers and other related companies.
  • IIF – Motor insurance-the road towards profitability, Istanbul – focused on profitability in motor insurance as a major topic, taking into consideration both the future trends and the most relevant past experiences. IIF explores different approaches to balancing the technical results of the motor insurance lines: proper pricing, risks selection, claims costs optimization, efficient distribution.
  • IIF – Property insurance in a Stormy era – focused on a major topic – property insurance as a tool of preserving customers’ financial stability in the context of escalating occurrence and intensity of the weather catastrophic events -, taking into consideration both the future trends and the most relevant past experiences.
  • AIIF – Azerbaijan International Insurance Forum is the most important event in the Caucasus Region dedicated to the insurance and reinsurance industries. The Forum includes plenary and panel discussions, bilateral meetings, as well as workshops and networking activities. Traditionally, the event brings together more than 200 participants from over 20 countries: top managers of national insurance, reinsurance and brokerage companies from Caucasus Region, Middle Asia, Europe, Turkey, Russia and CIS.
  • Baden Baden XPRIMM Reception represents an opportunity for the CEE & CIS insurance industry to make itself known during the annual meetings held in Baden – Baden. At the same time, networking represents one of the reception’s most important elements: during the event, representatives from the CEE and CIS insurance markets get in touch with specialists from leading reinsurance companies from all over the world.
  • The Baden-Baden Azeri Evening is the event dedicated to the Azeri market within the Baden-Baden Insurance Meeting. Thus, it represented an opportunity for the Azerbaijan insurance industry to present itself, its perspectives and opportunities, during the annual meetings of reinsurers held in Baden-Baden. The representatives of the most relevant insurance companies of Azerbaijan, as well as of the insurers’ association, meet their worldwide peers in an event attended by professionals from 30 countries.
  • Baden-Baden Turkish Evening represents an excellent networking opportunity for all the specialists interested in the Turkish insurance market, whose immense business potential is highlighted by its size alone: more than 75 million people, with an average age of less than 30 years old.

Media XPRIMM also supports other specialized international conferences and forums dedicated to the re/insurance industry, as Media Partner, through its XPRIMM Publications brand and distributes its specialized magazines to multiple international events, including:

  • Les Rendez Vous de Septembre (Monte Carlo)
  • The Baden Baden Reinsurance Meetings (Baden-Baden, Germany)
  • Russian Reinsurance Conference (Moscow, Russia)
  • The Tashkent International Insurance Forum (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
  • International Risk Management Conference (Alma Ata, Kazakhstan)
  • International Conference “Insurance in Central Asia” (Alma Ata, Kazakhstan)
  • SorS – meeting of Insurance and Reinsurance in Sarajevo (Sarajevo, Bosnia)
  • Annual Conference “Insurance Europe” (in 2015 in Liechtenstein)
  • The International Yalta Finance Forum (Yalta, Ukraine)
  • The Insurance Conference (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)
  • The Euro Finance Week (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • World Pension Summit (Amsterdam, Holland)
  • November Business Meetings of Reinsurers (Moscow, Russia)
  • Annual Operational Excellence in Insurance (Germany)
  • Annual Bancassurance Forum (Hungary)
  • Annual Africa Insurance & Reinsurance Conference (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Annual Risk Management Forum 2014 (Vienna, Austria)
  • The European Forum on Claims Management for the Insurance Industry (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • International Conference of Agents and Brokers in the Insurance Sector – ICABI (Maribor, Slovenia)
  • European Life Insurance Forum (Vienna, Austria)
  • European Insurance Fraud Summit (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Annual Solvency II Forum (Vienna, Austria)
  • Annual Middle East Africa and Insurance Summit (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
iuc[1]Istanbul Underwriting Center is a Management and Consultancy Services Group which operates in the insurance area and was established in order to add quantifiable value to processes like Claims, Product Development and Administration, Reinsurance and Training. Our 4 different brands provide services in addition to the technical processes of insurers. We serve corporate businesses, small and medium sized enterprises and more than 1,000,000 retail customers.

As IUC, we are proudly completing our ninth year of activity by setting even more ambitious goals for the future. Since our foundation, we have been following two principles. The first one is providing “measurable, real benefits” to insurance companies which are fundamental for insurance business. The second one refers to increasing and diversifying our “no-cure, no-pay” services.


– We don’t present any products or services that are not beneficial to our customers.

– We receive the payment after we provide the benefit.

As a result, in the last nine years, leading insurance and financial companies have preferred our group as a partner. Our organization, which is enjoying the appreciation of our customers, transformed into a group that produces major measurable added value to the service infrastructure on our clients and is continuing to be developed and diversified.

Along with our management team and our partners, we are pleased to invite you to work with IUC Group, assuring you that your success and satisfaction will be at the forefront of our efforts.